Renting in Dubai

Whether you have just moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), or you are looking for alternative accommodation, you will need a reliable professional to find you the right property.  Prospective tenants naturally go to the internet to search on the various portals but more often than not, after a few telephone calls they become totally disheartened at the accuracy of the advertisements, the availability of the property and the competence of the estate agents.

Renting a property can be a very straightforward process as long as you are dealing with an ethical and professional company who can ensure that the properties that they are offering are legally registered with the correct documents, are readily accessible, in good condition and are being offered on pre-agreed terms with the landlord.  Our team of Leasing Executives adhere to standards of transparency and competence that will ensure that your experience of finding a new home is a good one.

What are rent prices doing?

The crash of 2008 caused sales and rental prices to plummet.  Whilst the drop was more instant with sales, there was a lag effect with rents due to annual contracts running their course.  Many tenants fled from their expensive properties to take better advantage of the downturn and lock into a similar property at a much lower price.  Rents bottomed out in late 2009 having fallen by an average of 44% from the peak. In 2011 the Dubai property market started to show signs of recovery, sales prices strengthened and then naturally started to rise.  With more expatriates moving their home to the Emirate there started to be a squeeze on supply of properties for rent, particularly in the more popular developments.  Landlords were able to charge higher rates with due notice and the sudden rise in the cost of living required intervention from the Government in the form of rent caps and vacating laws.  Since 2010 more new developments have completed offering more supply to the market, which helps to keep rental rates more sensible, but the prime areas are considered expensive being back to near peak levels again.

Our team covers all of the Freehold areas in Dubai and are always available to meet to discuss your requirement and guide you on which areas will best suit your needs.