Prime Places Real Estate is a boutique agency that prides itself on working as a team.  We are passionate about what we do and care about the people that work with us.  We require our staff to maintain the highest levels of service and professionalism towards clients, corporations and industry colleagues. Our Managing Partner, Helen Tatham, has been involved in the UAE real estate market since the inception of Freehold Ownership in 2002, and with that unique experience in hand has an in-depth knowledge of the country’s evolution to become the metropolis that it is today.  Helen enjoys sharing her experiences and works with an open door policy to help develop the skills and knowledge of her colleagues.  Our team structure is well placed to provide the necessary support for any motivated and capable Sales & Leasing Executive. We offer a competitive package and performance incentives that will be discussed during the interview. If you see yourself as a Team Player and you have over two years experience in the UAE real estate market, or over five years in an overseas market, then please make contact with us; Landline:        +971 4 276 5644 Email: